Giovanini Fº Advogados,

or simply GFA, is a law firm organized to serve the market segment of businessmen, families and senior executives, in relation to their companies, wealth and other businesses, and anyone else with an “owner’s mentality”.


Our vision was that this market segment is very relevant, but it is not always well served by the Brazilian law firms, which, in the last decades, have turned themselves to serve the massive corporate demands (of legal departments and companies’ other internal areas), following the trend to grow significantly in the number of lawyers and to become over-specialized.


Our mission is, by focusing on serving this market segment, to contribute, decisively, from the standpoint of legal advisory, to establish and develop companies, wealth and other businesses to be profitable and long-lasting.


Our cause is, by accomplishing our mission, to enable that more jobs, income and other opportunities are generated over time, thus contributing to the economic and social development of Brazil.

Who we serve

We are concentrated on serving anyone with an “owner’s mentality”.


  • Businessmen
  • Families
  • ESenior Executives
  • Companies
  • Financial Investiments
    (stock, funds.)
  • Real Estate Properties, Urban and Rural
  • Assets
    (aircrafts, boats and so on)

As we are focused on clients with an “owner’s mentality”, we are also sought after by management companies of investment funds and similar entities.

We are devoted to the areas of legal practice that correspond with the main demands of the market segment that we serve

we do

We are devoted to the areas of legal practice that correspond with the main demands of the market segment that we serve


• Tax Planning, Succession Planning and “Wealth Protection”, national and international



• Companies acquisitions

• Strategic partners admission

• Mergers, Joint Ventures, Consortiums and other

• Private Equity and Venture Capital fundraising

• Shareholders Agreements


• Organization of business models from a legal standpoint

• Tax planning

• Preparation, review and negotiation of the most relevant contracts and preparation of standard contracts



• Business Litigation

• Wealth Litigation

• Arbitration regarding Corporate Law

• Tax Litigation (judicial and administrative)

How we organize ourselves

Our team is composed of lawyers specialized in the fields of law which correspond to the areas of legal practice to which we are devoted.

From a comprehensive standpoint, our team identifies the fields of law to be further developed on a case-by-case basis, integrating the fields of law whenever necessary, in order to promptly provide the most effective solution for each case.

Our team seeks to grow more in seniority than in the number of lawyers.


Corporate Law and Contractual Law

• Business Law, Corporate Law

• Civil Law, Contractual Law

• Knowledge of Accounting

Specific areas of legal knowledge:

• Public Companies

• IED e CBE Central Ban

• Investment Funds

• Family Law and Succession Law

• Intellectual Property

• Real Estate Law

• Rural Law



• Tax

• Knowledge of Accounting


Civil Procedure

• Civil Procedure applied to the two specialities above

Who we are

Supervision and Integration

Renato Giovanini Filho

Camila Acayaba Elito

Corporate Law and Contracts

Gabriel Vitor Bellam Pittoli

Marina de Almeida Prado

Eduardo Pinheiro Rodriguez

Tax Law

Vinicius Feliciano Tersi

Alexandre Lennon Dias


Maria Juliana De Andrade

Thaisa Pera Teixeira

Pedro Henrique Quitete Barreto


Ludmila Miyazato

Luciana Alarcon Pinheiro Mendes

Our values

Legal-Technical Excellence

Legal-technical excellence, obtained as a result of the constant search to deliver high quality work, backed by exhaustive research of the law, legal cases and doctrine.


Impeccable ethical conduct towards our clients, in compliance with the Código de Ética da Advocacia e da Ordem dos Advogados do Brasil – OAB (Brazilian Bar Association) and the ethical principles of the business environments in which we practice.

Spirit to Serve

It is our desire to serve our clients efficiently, quickly and at the minimum cost possible.


Absolute confidentiality with respect to the businesses and other matters advised by us.

Our culture

Result Oriented

We define the goals of each project and consistently work to pursue the best results.

Truth / Reality

All decisions taken by us are based solely and exclusively on the truth; in fact, the truth will always prevail, no matter the cost.


As a way to ensure the best result, we devote the best care possible to each case "nothing can replace the expertise, but it is the management that ensures the results".

Low profile

We are low profile we have no interest in being in evidence, unless there is a reason for doing so.


We make everything as simple as possible.


We have an endless desire to overcome ourselves and achieve our goals. We dream big and work hard to make our dreams come true!

Thoughyful Works

We think and elaborate to the maximum with respect to every work before delivering the final product, so as to ensure it is correct and technically accurate.

Do you want to work with us?

As extensões de arquivos permitidas são doc, docx e pdf.

Contact us

Av. Horácio Lafer, 160 – 3º floor – Itaim-bibi
São Paulo – SP – Brazil
CEP 04538-080

Telephone: 5511 5189-5555